MEMEX - Manufacturing Productivity

Manufacturers are experiencing end-of-life issues with DNC technologies.  They need to replace their old (in some cases 20+ years), often serial-based communication on Windows XP other unsupported systems. MEMEX is unique in that it offers a comprehensive DNC package that also tracks OEE, and therefore is poised to create a DNC renaissance.

Memex CNC Memory Upgrades

Improve machine performance. MEMEX offers CNC Memory upgrades for a wide range of controller makes and models

MEMEX - Memory Upgrades
  • Faster than drip feeding – proven cycle time reductions by as much as 47%
  • Additional memory to store recurring part programs right at the machine means no time wasted with file transfers
  • Less downloading means less chance for file corruption
  • Innovative and exclusive features for the Fanuc 6/9/11 and 12
  • 3-year replacement warranty