In-Situ Measurement and Distributed Computing for Adjustable CNC Machining

Machining is an established standard for producing the final shape of parts, molds, etc. The nominal CAD representation is used to create sophisticated 3- to 5-axis CNC tool paths. Lack of computational and in-situ measurement resources restricts at machine registration and other adjustments to correct for actual surface geometry.

This paper describes the progress towards provision of adequate touch trigger probe and laser scanner measurement resources at the machine tool, with supporting computational resources accessed via Ethernet. The emerging MTConnect standard provides executive level monitoring. Illustrative examples include fixture registration using datum spheres, aeroengine assembly weld machining, and associated data fitting and tool path adjustment. The goal is to develop an environment with a higher level of intelligence and decision making ability for machining under variable geometry conditions.

McMaster University’s Allan D. Spence was a contributing author to this paper.

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